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Purple Flower

Do I have to be in shape?

Absolutely not.  All body types and ages can easily participate.  Exercises can be also be done sitting down, and adjustments can be made for visually and memory impaired participants.

Do I have to be a therapist to get certified?

No, all wellness workers or survivors who want to get certified are welcome.  The idea is to spread the healing widely so all kinds of people can have a chance to participate. 

How does martial arts play a role in KCT?

The exercises are inspired by the Filipino Martial arts tradition.  The exercises are like Karate Kid, Wax On, wax off, but trauma informed.  The body is learning real life self-defense while participants are mirroring and attuning.  The feeling is empowered connection! 

Can KCT be done for fun?

Yes, clients from the residential setting will often want to share these connective exercises with family and friends once they discharge.  This is a therapeutic technique people are often eager to continue.

Do you train Residential Centers ?

KCT can develop a plan specific to your facility.  We can do a group of employees, or you can send individuals to organized trainings.

How can KCT be both healing and fun?

This is part of what KCT so unusual!  Many people find the experience, fun regulating and connecting. Sometimes a stored trauma emerges because of the modality can replicate "battle".  The treatment for that dysregulation is the bilateral, connected sticks.  The connection and empowerment felt becomes the disconfirming somatic experience which furthers healing. 

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Robb Walters

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