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"In all my years as a trauma therapist, never have I witnessed a healing modality that has such power to so organically extract trauma and attachment wounds while providing the safety and attunement that is essential for its healing. It’s like EMDR except more resourced, embodied, and relational. I'm a believer."-     Charles Roberts, Trauma Therapist

KCT is a novel, neuroscience-based somatic treatment that can be used in individual sessions or for groups to soothe and regulate the nervous system while empowering the body.  These cooperative bilateral stimulation exercises are easy to learn, and offer patterned, rhythmic and repetitive movements designed to attune both the client and the therapist, create coregulation, and process traumatic stress.

We know that EMDR is effective for trauma, but it rarely uses somatic therapy in conjunction. We also know that somatic processing helps, but it rarely includes coregulation and attunement.  KCT is designed to bridge the gaps that have existed in for ages between the latest research and treatment, between body-based and talking therapies, and between attachment and somatic practices. 

KCT exercises have been featured at Onsite Workshops and The Integrative Life Center in Nashville and are inspired by Filipino Martial Arts. Many clients are inspired to ask for more sessions and want to share this experience with friends and family, which increases commitment to treatment.  Lastly, underneath the cooperative exercises participants are learning real life self-defense techniques.  Kali needs to be felt and experienced to understand it's magic.  We invite you to the tribe!

Upcoming Events

  • Basic KCT Class / Workshop  SOLD OUT
    Basic KCT Class / Workshop  SOLD OUT
    Sun, May 19
    Woodland Presbyterian - Yoga Shala
    May 19, 2024, 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM CDT
    Woodland Presbyterian - Yoga Shala, 211 N 11th St, Nashville, TN 37206, USA
    A great chance to try KCT before the Certification in August!
Upcoming Events

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