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KCT Sessions

Discover transformative sessions tailored to diverse needs at Kali Connection Therapy, where we prioritize universal connection and attunement. Whether therapeutic sessions for individuals or groups, or engaging attunement experiences, each session seamlessly integrates co-regulation, playfulness, and learning. Our aim is to nurture profound connections across various contexts, fostering overall well-being in every interaction. Let us craft a session uniquely for you – an exciting journey awaits.

Individual or Group Therapeutic Groups

Individual and group therapeutic interventions wield a profound influence in navigating the intricate realms of trauma and anxiety, offering tailored support that addresses specific needs. These sessions create a nurturing space for individuals or groups to explore healing, fostering resilience, and empowering participants on their journey towards emotional well-being.


Attunement Groups

Non-therapeutic groups centered around play and novel exercises provide a unique avenue for fostering attunement and connection. Through interactive activities, these groups cultivate a sense of camaraderie, encouraging participants to engage authentically and build relationships in a lighthearted, enjoyable atmosphere.



Team Building

What sets Kali Connection Therapy's teambuilding apart is its utterly unique approach, intertwining co-regulation, attunement, and playfulness to create an environment where everyone stands on equal footing. This distinctive blend ensures that each participant contributes authentically, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends hierarchical structures and propels the team towards shared goals.


Training and Regulation

Kali Connection Therapy's training and regulation groups provide a transformative experience where participants discover the power of attunement and co-regulation. Through a dynamic blend of learning and play, individuals gain practical tools for enhanced self-regulation, fostering personal growth and well-being. Explore the holistic approach that benefits individuals and teams alike, creating a positive impact across various settings.

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