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KCT Certification Training - August 2-4 Training Details Coming Soon

KCT Certification - FULL - New Training Dates Coming Soon!

KCT Certification Training -  August 2-4 Training Details Coming Soon

KCT Basic Training and Certification

What You Will Learn:

1. Trauma Understanding and Nervous System Regulation: Gain insight into trauma and its effects on the body, including the science behind Kali Connection Therapy (KCT), such as Polyvagal Theory, the Neurosequential Model, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. Learn to regulate the nervous system, distinguishing between states of safety and unsafety, and helping clients differentiate between connection and attunement and impulsive, dopamine-seeking behavior.

2. Emotional Regulation and Healthy Anger Expression: Learn strategies to manage emotional reactions, fostering resilience, and increasing the pause capacity to decrease reactivity and habitual maladaptive choices. Explore techniques for expressing anger in a regulated, connected manner, helping clients feel safe with their anger and learn to modulate their responses.

3. Regulating Sympathetic Activation and Dorsal Shutdown: Learn methods to help clients regulate heightened sympathetic activation and approaches for clients experiencing dorsal shutdown. Discover how to utilize the 40 BPM technique to help clients access their Primary Regulatory network, promoting a sense of safety and regulation.

4. Attunement and Connection: Engage in exercises to enhance attunement to others, promoting deeper connection and empathy. Experience how performance and the feeling of well-being increase with attunement.

5. Expanding Window of Tolerance: Explore how to pendulate exercises to expand clients' window of tolerance, enhancing their capacity to manage stress and emotions effectively.

6. Importance of Mindful Awareness in Somatic Work: Understand the importance of mindful awareness in somatic work by learning the two meditative Kali practices. Understand how these practices facilitate integration, regulation, and wisdom.

7. Empowerment Warrior Template: Learn about the Warrior template, which is based on wisdom and regulation. Discuss this empowerment model and how to work with clients in this template for recovery. Learn how posture (direct state induction), empty-handed KCT gestures, and meditation can be used to develop a personal Somatic Empowerment daily rewiring practice for both clients and therapists.

KCT Provides:

Filipino Regulation Sticks
Three month video Supervision including weekly videos exchanged (Up to 20 Video Exchanges included)
Prep Video sent in July
One hour Private Session with Mara
Course Materials including Videos
Process Your Own Somatic Secondary or Vicarious Trama

Requirements for Certification

Completion of the weekend training classes 

Complete up to 20 hours of supervision

Individual check-out and final approval with a KCT trainer

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