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KCT Certification Training - Early 2024 to be Announced Soon

KCT Certification - FULL - New Training Dates Coming Soon!

KCT Certification Training - Early 2024 to be Announced Soon

KCT Basic Training and Certification

Participants will be instructed on the science and theory behind the Kali. Polyvagal, Neuro-sequential Model, and Interpersonal Neurobiology will be covered as it applies to Kali Connection. A detailed understanding of trauma and how it is stored as energy in the body will be covered.

Participants will learn how to keep client’s nervous systems in sympathetic safe and help participants learn the difference between connected attunement and dopamine seeking acceleration.

Participants will be able to keep clients safe in session with Kali exercises.

Participants will learn how to self-regulate and be able to monitor the states of clients to progress clients toward an attuned and connected experience.

Participants will learn the importance of mindful awareness in somatic work and be able to understand the 2 meditative Kali practices and how this practice facilitates integration.

Participants will be given detailed methods on how to regulate clients who may be in Sympathetic Activation and specific approaches for clients who are in Dorsal shut down.

Participants will learn how to use 40 BPM to help clients access their Primary Regulatory network.

Participants will learn how to pendulate exercises to widen the client’s window of tolerance.

Participants will be able to lead a group Kali class for up to 8 participants and be able to use Kali in individual sessions to help regulate a client. Participants will be proficient in the 6 basic Kali Connect exercises.

KCT Provides:

A set of sticks to each participant

A manual of covered material

Basics video

Script for Group Classes

Semi-private check out lesson prior to certification

Weekly online supervision or group practice classes will be available. Online training requires submission of videos. Online supervision can result in additional charges (Minimum of 8 required)

Requirements for Certification

Completion of the weekend training classes (3 classes, Saturday and Sunday, over 6 months).

Complete 8 hours of supervision

Individual check-out and final approval with a KCT trainer

Please note that yearly re-certification is required for continued certification in KCT, and involves continuing education credits. 

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